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This Apex Legends randomizer is a great way to have some fun in Season 9: Legacy

We found the perfect way for you and your friends to spice the games up in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy through using a randomizer.



apex legends randomizer

Bored of playing the same Legend in Apex Legends? Or you just want to have some fun in public games? The Apex Legends randomizer is a great way to switch things up and gain new experiences in Season 9: Legacy.

Apex Legends’ latest season has been a blast so far, introducing a new 3v3 mode, Valkyrie, and even the already very popular Bocek Bow.

However, with a Respawn Developer recently stating that the game will be going through a bit of a “dry spell,” some players may be looking for something to spice their games up and have some fun, despite a lack of content.

apex legends randomizer season 9

If you’re one of those players who is currently bored of Apex, perhaps you’ve finished your Ranked Leagues grind, or maybe you have mastered the Bocek Bow and had your fun with the new Legend Valkyrie.

There is a way you can spice things up and have a new experience every game, which will be especially fun with friends.

The Apex Legends randomizer on the Rollthedice website allows players to randomly generate a Legend for them to use in the next game.

The Apex Legends randomizer

apex legends randomizer

This can be extremely fun, especially with friends, as you can all randomly generate a Legend before each game and see what kind of compositions you come out with. You could even turn it into a challenge and see how many wins you can get with randomly generated Legends.

This would allow you to experience Legends you rarely use or haven’t used before, not only providing you with a new experience but also extending your knowledge of the game and ultimately making you a better play.

Once you’re able to win with any Legend, that’s how you know you are worthy of being an Apex Legend. So, give it a try and see how well you can do when the decision of which Legend to pick is out of your hands.

That’s all on the Apex Legends randomizer. Hopefully, you and your teammates can get a kick out of it until some new content drops.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment