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The ACR 6.8 was the most used gun at XP2011




FourZeroTwo revealed that the ACR 6.8 was the most popular gun at Call of Duty XP to NowGamer  in response to the concern of how the Famas was the most dominant gun in Black Ops. It’s worth noting that the ACR, for its lack of recoil, was also one of the most popular guns in Modern Warfare 2. Which gun do you plan on using the most or purchasing in the Prestige Shop?


In Black Ops, the majority of players spam the FAMAS rifle, so what one Modern Warfare 3 weapon have you seen people leaning towards the most throughout Call of Duty: XP?

“In the assault class it seems to be the ACR. That seems to be a really popular one.”


SOURCE: NowGamer via Tango Down