This Starfield interactive map makes navigating cities much easier

Starfield New Atlantis CityBethesda

Starfield has it all, from a huge Star System to explore, to many factions to add flavor to the lore, and an infinite number of customizable starships. However, what it lacks is a comprehensive map feature. Luckily, this interactive map is going to make your life in the big spaceports much easier.

Starfield is the latest open-world RPG from Bethesda that lets you take flight and reach the stars. But it would seem that among all the incredible content, an important piece is missing: local maps.

However, players have discovered an interactive map that will make your Starfield life much easier. The app, courtesy of, puts every landmark in every main city in the game at your disposal, and you can even mark points of interest, shops, landmarks, and more.

The map allows you to navigate through the cities, checking for useful information while you play. It even shows the location of possible companions in case you want to recruit them.

New Atlantis interactive map mapgeniemapgenie
New Atlantis is one of the biggest cities in Starfield, and you can get easily lost without a map.

As you can see, this Starfield interactive map has every starport and main city from Starfield in its database. The next time you are struggling to find an NPC, store, or even your local bar, you can go back to the app and it will show you exactly what you are looking for.

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Sadly, things like quest markers, hidden caches, and other important aspects of the game do not appear on the map. However, considering what this mapgenie has done with other games like Diablo IV, it could be possible that in the future, the map’s database will be updated with this information.

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