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Call of Duty: Mobile

Shoot House from Modern Warfare is coming to CoD Mobile Season 2

The popular and frantic Shoot House map has officially been confirmed as a new map for CoD Mobile Season 2.



cod mobile season 2 shoot house

One of Modern Warfare’s most popular maps is making the jump to CoD Mobile with the devs confirming the arrival of Shoot House in Season 2.

Every now and again a new Call of Duty map comes along that people suddenly become infatuated with. This idea can be applied to Shoot House that first made its debut in the successful 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare.

A small-to-medium-sized map, Shoot House exhibits a lot of the characteristics that make a quality Call of Duty map. Its perfect blend of tight corners and open lanes makes for exhilarating games of CoD with very few drawbacks.

So it’s no surprise then that the developers of CoD Mobile have made sure to include this new fan favorite and officially confirmed the map’s arrival in Season 2 via a welcome Tweet.

Offering a short teaser video and a welcome message, the Tweet does its job perfectly in getting the CoD Mobile player base all riled up.

It was only recently that a CoD Mobile leak had outed Shoot House as a possible inclusion to the free-to-play shooter, and it has turned out to be the case.

Given how enormously popular the game has proven to be since it launched in 2019, it makes sense that the game keeps receiving new content and updates regularly. As well as Shoot House, the devs have confirmed Nuketown will be reverting back to its pre-snow state in the future, as well as looking to add a new killstreak and Operator.

As Season One begins to wind down, we can expect to see more announcements of things to come in the second season of the game.

Image credits: Activision