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Secret Apex Legends mechanic makes Fuse’s Ultimate more accurate

Apex Legends fans have discovered a hidden mechanic that makes Fuse’s Ultimate, The Motherload, far more accurate.



Fuse Apex Legends Season 8

Most Apex Legends players know how devastating Fuse’s Ultimate Ability can be, but this hidden mechanic makes it all the more accurate – and lethal.

Fuse, the latest addition to the Apex Legends Season 8 roster, is a demolitions expert and his abilities are designed to highlight this. He can fire a cluster of mini-explosives to damage and disorientate enemies, as well as throw grenades faster and further with his prosthetic grenade launcher.

His Ultimate Ability, The Motherload, is the most devastating of all. It drops a ring of fire into an area designated by Fuse, and the ring will damage and slow down enemies inside while ignoring your teammates.

Fuse The Motherload Apex Legends

Like Bangalore and Gibraltar, the area on the map the Ultimate will hit is highlighted by a mark on the ground. The Motherload can be fired up to 200 meters away, so as you can imagine, hitting players from that distance without an optic will be tricky.

However, what Apex Legends doesn’t tell you is that The Motherload can be zoomed in for better accuracy.

According to the Apex Legends Wiki, holding the aim down sight button will give you a whopping 3x magnification.

You’ll be able to see enemies first, and dropping The Motherload on top of them will stop them in their tracks and allow your team to close the gap for a quick clean-up.

Not only does this trick make Fuse’s Ultimate more powerful, but it’s also a great tool for scouting the area ahead.

With Apex Legends’ attachment-based looting system, you’re not always going to find a high-zoom optic in the early game. So if you’re running Fuse as your Legend, simply take out The Motherload and ADS for a clear picture of what lies ahead.

As Apex Legends hasn’t highlighted this mechanic itself, it may have passed you by. Utilize it in long-range situations with Fuse, and you’ll give your squad a significant advantage.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment