Rogue Company announces Season 1, new rogue, map, Battle Pass & more

Jimmy Russo

Rogue Company Season 1 is on its way, bringing with it a new rogue, Battle Pass, new map, and more content to look forward to.

Rogue Company made a splash with its closed beta release in 2020. Streamers were enjoying the third-person tactical shooter and fans were lining up to join the fight.

Since then, Hi-Rez has been steadily adding content to the game in the form of new maps, rogues, and cosmetics – most notably, the Dr. Disrespect crossover that remains in the shop to this day.

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Fans of the game had been waiting for the start of a new season, with ranked coming out of beta and the promise of a Battle Pass. On January 7, we finally heard some concrete news about all of this and more.

Rogue Company Season 1

Hi-Rez released a developer update for all of their major games on January 7, with some of the biggest news coming to Rogue Company fans. According to the developers, Rogue Company has four seasons planned for 2021, with the first one coming this February.

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This new season will feature a new game mode, map, rogue, and competitive reset as it comes out of the beta phase.

2v2 Wingman

The 2v2 Wingman mode will be coming to Rogue ahead of the start of Season 1. This mode will feature new, smaller maps that cater more towards smaller team sizes.

We don’t have a ton of new information about how this mode will work, but we’ll know soon enough when it releases next week.

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New rogue: Kestrel

Kestral will be the next rogue to enter the lineup. She’s a fashion icon from India with abilities that focus on drones and explosives.

We’ll learn more about the next Rogue Company character ahead of Season 1. For now, all we have is a backstory and general overview of her kit.

New Map: The Hollows

The Hollows is “the first of many maps” that Hi-Rez is working on for 2021. The map will be included in the normal game modes along with an exclusive LTM.

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Like the new Rogue, we should learn more about The Hollows as Season 1 approaches.

Rogue Company Season 1 Battle Pass

Ever since Fortnite took the world by storm, developers have been favoring Battle Passes as a way to offer players cosmetics. Rogue Company is no different, with a Battle Pass releasing at the start of Season 1.

The Battle Pass will offer sprays, emotes, wraps, and skins for different rogues as you progress through the tiers. Like most other games, players will be able to unlock free rewards along with premium paid rewards in the Battle Pass.

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Rogue Company is also revamping the competitive system and introducing tiers to the game. The Season 1 launch follows the pre-season beta program that was widely successful for the competitive player base.

We’ll keep you posted on all of the latest Rogue Company news as Season 1 draws closer.

Image Credit: Hi-Rez