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Rockstar respond to GTA Online exploit making it impossible to play the game

A new GTA Online report is claiming that the developers have addressed the exploit that has been forcing players into spectator mode.



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A new source is claiming that Rockstar Games have finally responded to the frustrating GTA Online exploit that is forcing players into spectator mode.

There have been multiple reports of GTA Online players being unable to load into Los Santos after receiving invites from random usernames that force them to automatically enter the game’s spectator mode.

Since the source of these invites sometimes leads to the same in-game ID, players are convinced that this is a new GTA exploit, and a source claims that Rockstar have already addressed this issue.

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This glitch stops players from jumping into GTA Online and forces them into sessions to spectate the gameplay of others instead. Now, a report from notable leaker ‘Tez2’ claims that the developers are aware of the problem.

The leaker stated on March 7 that they had heard from a source about Rockstar working on a fix for the issue. Tez2 tweeted: “Rockstar is now aware of the exploit and will be addressing this soon, as per a source.”

However, GTA Online players are still reportedly encountering this issue, so it seems that the developers have yet to completely remove the exploit from the game. Hopefully, we’ll see it get patched up soon.

Reddit user pongo1231 explained what supposedly causes this exploit: “The way it works is by sending some request through [Rockstar’s] presence servers which causes the client to freak out and quit the current session.”

Players have reported seeing a prompt to sign-off on a new EULA agreement after opening up GTA Online, and it’s likely that this is a result of the devs implementing a new fix for the issue in the game.

We’ll keep checking for more developments regarding this issue and will be sure to update you as soon as Rockstar Games completely remove this exploit from GTA Online altogether.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games