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Rockstar confirms “exciting” GTA Online updates coming in 2021 & 2022

GTA Online is one of the most popular multiplayer games in modern gaming, and Rockstar teasing even more content in the near future.



GTA Online character laying on bed of money

GTA Online has emerged as one of the most popular multiplayer modes since the turn of the century, on the back of GTA V’s astronomical success. But despite being nearly eight years old, Rockstar is still teasing more big updates to come.

There’s a lot to look forward to if you’re a Grand Theft Auto fan. From the next-gen remaster of GTA 5 to the all-but-confirmed rework of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, there’s plenty of new content to get excited about.

Even with all this, GTA Online continues to grow and evolve with new updates like Los Santos Tuners. According to a recent interview, Rockstar Games is far from done with the successful multiplayer mode.

Cars from the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update

Speaking in a Q&A with GTANet, Rockstar teased that they have new updates scheduled for GTA Online coming in 2021.

“We’ve got a few things planned this year which we think will be really fun for the community to take part in,” Rockstar said in the interview.

The developer didn’t go into specifics about what the plans were, but it did mention “new activities” for what is expected to be this year’s Halloween-themed event. Sadly, we will have to wait until nearer the time for the nature of these spooky missions to be revealed.

GTA Online Halloween-themed bikes and masks

Rockstar also hinted that they had big plans for GTA Online going beyond this year, saying it had “some exciting new updates” on the cards for 2022.

No more details were offered about what these updates would look like, and it remains to be seen if any of them are tied to the GTA Remastered Trilogy we’re expecting to see sometime in the next year or so.

Rockstar ended the interview by thanking the community for the “humbling” support it has shown to GTA Online over the years, and particularly the positive response to the Los Santos Tuners content.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games