Untitled Attack on Titan codes for free Gold in January 2024

Udit Surve
Levi fighting the Beast Titan in Roblox Untitled Attack on Titan gameHeadless and Mid

Roblox Untitled Attack on Titan’s ‘Colossal’ update added many new features to the game and as a token of thanks for your support, the developers have released Untitled Attack on Titan codes which you can redeem for gold and other freebies in January 2024.

Just like the critically acclaimed manga and other AOT-based games, in the Roblox version of Untitled Attack on Titan, you have to fight gigantic beasts in omnidirectional gear. Having resources is a must for progress in the game and some of the other prominent features include buying horses, upgrading gear, and unlocking cosmetics.

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Since all these purchases require gold, which is hard to get, we compiled a list of Untitled Attack on Titan codes using which you can get gold and other rewards like Boss drops, and Gems for free.

Eren Yeager in Roblox Untitled Attack on TitanHeadless and Mid
You can play as humans and titans in Untitled Attack on Titan.

All working Roblox Untitled Attack on Titan codes in January 2024

Redeem these latest Untitled Attack on Titan codes for free Gold, Gems, and Boss drops in January 2024:

  • questsFixed! – 2.4k Gold
  • EnjoyFireworks! – 2.5k Cash
  • rogueissorryforbug! – 5 Forge Tokens
  • ClansAdded! – 2.5k Gold
  • SnowyDayzzzz! – Gold
  • Sorry4Delay2 – 2.5k Gold
  • 260kLikesCode – 2.75k Gold
  • FollowMideviorOnX! – 5k Gold
  • 290kLikesCode – Gold
  • Sorry4DelayingTheUPD – 5k Gold
  • 300kLikesCode – 2.5k Gold
  • 255kLikesCode – 5k Gold
  • Unexpected! – Gold
  • 265kLikesCode – 7.75k Gold
  • UAOT4ever – 5k Gold
  • Apology4TheBugs! – 20 Forge Tokens
  • 550KFavs2 – 2.5k Gold
  • HappyWeekend1 – 7.5k Gold
  • 285kLikesCode – 5k Gold
  • MerryXmazzz – 50 Cookies
  • Forge! – 5k Gold
  • CurseBroken! – Gold
  • 275kLikesCode – 5k Gold
  • ThankYou4AnotherYear! – Gold
  • MerryNewYear – 5k Gold
  • BeastUpdate – 5k Gold
  • SrryForDelay! – 2.5k Gold

Roblox codes are time-sensitive and expire. So bookmark this page and check back since we update this guide every time a new code arrives or when any of the current ones expire.

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All expired Roblox Untitled Attack on Titan codes in January 2024

As of January 2024, these are the expired codes for Untitled Attack on Titan:

  • 190kLikesCode
  • UpdSoon!
  • BugsHaveBenFixed
  • 95kLikesCode
  • BetterTrees
  • Sub2Wxlk3r
  • 250kLikesCode
  • 240kLikesCode
  • 65kLikesCode
  • DoubleTrouble
  • Sub2SpaceJambeast
  • Sub2Exoryusei
  • 180kLikesCode
  • MerryChristmas2022
  • 185kLikesCode
  • ThankYou!
  • 20Mvisits
  • leP0Lp
  • 53kLikesCode
  • 115kLikesCode
  • 195kLikesCode
  • 70kLikesCode
  • 105kLikesCode
  • TaidaIsToBlame
  • 60kLikesCode
  • Easter2023!
  • Halloween
  • 170kLikesCode
  • 56kLikesCode
  • 125kLikesCode
  • FixedBossDrops
  • Colossal
  • MiniUpdate1.5!
  • 63kLikesCode
  • Sub2FloatyZone
  • 220kLikesCode
  • 130kLikesCodes
  • HappyNewYears2022
  • SorryForDelay
  • UpdateSoon!
  • 230kLikesCode
  • 175kLikesCode
  • 120kLikesCode
  • 160kLikesCodes
  • 100MilVisitsCode
  • 155kLikesCode
  • 245kLikesCode
  • SorryForShutdown
  • NoMoreLag
  • 58kLikesCode
  • 150kLikesCodes
  • 110kLikesCode
  • 90kLikesCode
  • 215kLikesCode
  • 50kLikesCode
  • 48kLikesCode
  • SorryForTheBugs
  • WavesUpdate
  • NewMission!
  • 145kLikesCode
  • 205kLikesCode
  • 200kLikesCode

How to redeem Untitled Attack on Titan codes on Roblox

Follow these steps to redeem Untitled Attack on Titan codes and get free rewards:

  1. Open Untitled Attack on Titan in Roblox.
  2. Press the ‘M’ button on your keyboard to bring up the menu.
  3. Scroll till you find the codes tab.
  4. Copy a code from the above list of working codes and paste it into the box that reads “Enter Code Here” and redeem your rewards.

What are Untitled Attack on Titan codes?

Untitled Attack on Titan codes are redeemable codes that you can use to get free rewards like Gold and Tokens. You can use these rewards to help you progress in the game, which saves you from grinding.

How to get more Untitled Attack on Titan codes

You can get more Untitled Attack on Titan codes by checking the game’s X account or Discord server. Alternatively, we’ll also be keeping this article updated with the latest codes, so be sure to bookmark it.

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That’s all for Roblox Attack on Titan. If you fancy more Roblox anime games, check out our other code lists:

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