How to get Ash Zebra Bait in Roblox Adopt Me!

Anmol David
Adopt Me! cover art with pets in the background.

Adopt Me! is one of the most popular games on Roblox that has a massive community with the goal of adopting and taking care of pets. The game has several items like cosmetics and Baits, with the latter being used to attract unique pets. So, here’s how to get an Ash Zebra Bait in Adopt Me! on Roblox.

The Ash Zebra Bait in Roblox‘s pet-adopting MMO game was introduced with the Fire Dimension event, along with many others like the Flaming Zebra, Magma Snail, Toasty Red Panda, Molten Moose, and Blazing Lion Baits.

An NPC called Tim is the reason for these unique pets being released, which has further resulted in players now being able to craft Baits and use them to get these creatures as their pets. Many players are confused about obtaining the Ash Zebra Bait, so here’s how to get it in Roblox Adopt Me!.

A Fox in Roblox Adopt Me!
Roblox Adopt Me! has hundreds of pets for you to tame.

How to obtain the Ash Zebra Bait in Roblox Adopt Me!

You can get the Ash Zebra Bait in Roblox Adopt Me! by making five Campfire Cookie batches and then using each one of them. The ingredients you’ll need for the Campfire Cookies are Sparkling Blaze Berries, Pyro Pears, and Magma Mangos. Also, you must remember to have a larger amount of these ingredients with each successive batch of cookies.

In order to find all the ingredients you need for the Cookies, you’ll need to venture into the Fire Dimension. The entrance to this realm sits inside the fallen Sky Castle. Once you’re inside the Fire Dimension, you’ll need to find a red-colored tree or bush, which is where you’ll get one of the three ingredients.

Press E to interact with the bush or tree and collect its fruit. Once you have a sufficient amount of all three, return to the Sky Castle and find Tim. He wears a purple robe and a pointed wizard’s hat, so it should be pretty easy to find him. Interact with the cauldron beside Tim and you’ll be able to make batches of Campfire Cookies.

After this, all you have to do is throw the cookies at any point on the ground and watch as either an Ash or Flaming Zebra approaches you with a unique item in its mouth, which can be traded for Cookies. The fifth Bait in this scenario is guaranteed to summon an Ash Zebra, so you should have no problems.

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