Anime World Tower Defense codes for Puzzles, Rerolls, Tokens, more in June 2024

Anmol David
Anime characters in Roblox Anime world tower defense.

Anime World Tower Defense codes can help you unlock your favorite characters and get stronger through freebies like Rerolls, Tokens, and Shards, and here’s a list of all the AWTD codes working in June 2024.

Anime World Tower Defense is as action-packed as some of the other Roblox experiences like All Star Tower DefenseToilet Tower Defense, and Vehicle Legends. However, its roster features the most popular anime characters out there which significantly adds to the quality of the gameplay for many.

Like other games in the genre, AWTD is highly competitive and you’d want all the help to progress. So, here are all the Anime World Tower Defense codes handing out free Rerolls, Shards, and Puzzle Pieces in June 2024.

Anime world tower defense characters on Roblox.
Anime World Tower Defense is a popular tower defense Roblox game.

All working Anime World Tower Defense codes in June 2024

  • PhantomLeaderWhere – 5450 Puzzle Pieces, 55 Reroll Tokens
  • MusclePower – 3000 Puzzle Pieces and 50 Reroll Tokens

All expired Anime World Tower Defense codes in June 2024

The following Anime World Tower Defense codes have expired:

  • Ninetails
  • StringKingdom
  • HappyHalloween!
  • PirateKing
  • GrandReaper
  • SorryForQuestBug
  • DragonKingdom
  • HaPpYAnImeW0RlD1stAn1veRsaRy
  • BlamSpot420k
  • ShadowMonarch
  • Sry4LongMaintain
  • UchigoDaigan
  • Atomic
  • February11Accident
  • Noclypso
  • 125KFav
  • BlamSpot
  • MerryChristmasAWTD2023
  • 1MGolds
  • Arrancar
  • MyHero
  • BloodMoon
  • 30MVisits
  • HappyNewYear2024
  • SorryForShutdown!
  • PowerReaper
  • HollowPurple
  • 50MVisit
  • MicaaPeemSoReal
  • DreamIsland
  • 75MVisit
  • 35KLikes
  • PureLove
  • Update5
  • GodShinobi
  • 100MVisit
  • FinalProjectDestroyer
  • EsperCity
  • PinkyLoveHalloween!
  • DemonHunt
  • QuincyInvation
  • SryForShutDownTooMuch
  • 20MVisit
  • SwordMaster
  • Valentine2024
  • 100KFav
  • 30KActiveTysm
  • KingLuffy
  • 75KFAV

How to redeem Anime World Tower Defense codes

To redeem Anime World Tower Defense codes, you’ll have to use the in-game book icon. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Launch Anime World Tower Defense.
  2. Click on the book icon on the top left of the screen.
  3. Press the cog icon to open the settings. A text box will appear, where you can enter your code.
  4. Once the code is entered and verified, you should instantly get the corresponding rewards.

We recommend copy-pasting the codes directly from the list above in order to avoid errors and typos.

What are Anime World Tower Defense codes?

Anime World Tower Defense codes are redeemable codes that can grant you valuable rewards like Rerolls, Puzzles, Miracle Shards, and more. You can then use these rewards to progress faster in the game.

How to get more Anime World Tower Defense codes

You can get more Anime World Tower Defense codes by checking out these social media platforms:

You can also bookmark this page and check back frequently as we’ll keep updating this article with the latest codes.

Why aren’t my Anime World Tower Defense codes working?

Your codes aren’t working due to the following reasons:

  • They’ve expired: Roblox codes are often time-sensitive, so try to redeem them as soon as you can to avoid missing out on freebies.
  • You’ve made a typo or capitalization error: Redeemable codes are also case-sensitive, so typing them exactly as they’re written in our list is important.

That’s everything you need to know about redeeming Anime World Tower Defense codes for free rewards. For more codes, you can check out our lists for Tower Defenders and Pop It.