Rainbow Six Siege favela map changes in Operation North Star

Andrew Highton
rainbow six favela map

Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 2 has kicked off with a big map update, changing Favela in a big way for Operation North Star.

The new Operation North Star update has dropped for Rainbow Six Siege, ushering in Year 6 Season 2. Along with a new Operator and many other changes, Ubisoft has also decided that it was time to shake things up with Favela.

Christ the Redeemer is still overlooking your game from a distance, but he will be witnessing less damage being done to the map itself. The devs felt that it was time to rework Favela and make it more competitive.

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rainbow six siege favela map

Well into its sixth year of Operation, Rainbow Six Siege is continuing to make handy alterations to the game to keep its player base excited.

Defenders were very much at the forefront of the devs thoughts when it came to changing Favela, as it was too easy for Attackers to bulldoze their way through various destructible parts of the map, and multiple entrance ways.

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Here’s what Ubisoft had to say regarding Favela and the changes:

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“The two main entryways on Favela’s roof have been preserved. They were previously named 3F Main Stairs, 3F Back Stairs, and 3F Packaging and are now named 3F Red Stairs, 3F Trash Chute, and 3F Electrical. The map’s small size, irregular exterior, and verticality also remain. The rest of the map, including the overall structure of the main building, has been completely remade, so players will get to experience a virtually new location that retains the same theme as the original Favela.”

rainbow six siege favela night

The idea is to make Favela more structured and visibly clear. Defenders will now have ample opportunities to anticipate incoming threats. Plus, the nighttime aesthetic gives Favela a new look, and it feels fresher as a result.

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The new layout is far more strategic and will allow for a more competitive game of Rainbow Six Siege that is more balanced.

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Image Credit: Ubisoft

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