Pokemon Horizons anime reveals new Pokemon with connection to Scarlet & Violet DLC

Pokemon Horizons anime poster

After ending Ash’s story, the Pokemon TV show aired its first episode with a big nod to its origins. Now fans are wondering about the Pokemon Horizons anime and its connection with Scarlet and Violet DLC – The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

Pokemon fans didn’t have to wait long for a new anime series to air after the original TV show ended back in March. Pokemon Horizons is here and its first episode had a big nod to the original series with the first appearance of a new and unknown Pokemon.

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Fans are already theorizing about what this Pokemon means to the franchise and its possible connection with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Many think they’ll encounter this new Pokemon in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero expansion pack, so let’s see what all this is about.

Terapagos will arrive in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with The Indigo Disk DLC.

Pokemon Horizons introduces brand-new Pokemon with connections to Scarlet & Violet

The first episode of Pokemon Horizons saw the main character Liko face a new and mysterious Pokemon. Many fans believe the encounter to be a nod to the first episode of the original anime. Previously, Ash and Pikachu saw Ho-Oh for the first time ever, way before it was officially revealed as a Legendary Pokemon.

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Fans also think the new Pokemon is a form of Terapagos, the Legendary Pokemon that will be featured in the second DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, The Indigo Disk. The similarities are clear, but players can’t tell for sure if it’s a pre-evolved form or Terapagos’ Null form, among other theories.

Liko, Sprigatito, and a new Pokemon in the Pokemon Horizons animeThe first episode of Pokemon Horizons saw Liko bonding with her Sprigatito.

Pokemon Horizons’ promo images and teasers already revealed interesting items in the hands of Liko and Roy, the two protagonists. Liko’s pendant, described as a key, resembles the shape of the new Pokemon, so many fans think Terapagos isn’t the actual treasure of Area Zero, but the key to obtaining it.

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Additionally, the second episode of the show will introduce Roy and a very special Poke Ball that resembles the drawings in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet books. This keeps feeding many theories that connect Pokemon Horizons to the Scarlet and Violet DLC.

Could Terapagos appear in Pokemon Horizons?

Since only one episode of Pokemon Horizons aired, it’s yet unknown if Terapagos will show up in the anime. While the brand-new Pokemon seems to have some relationship with Terapagos, it might take some time until we get a proper answer.

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In the meantime, fans are still waiting for more details regarding the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet expansion The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. While both parts, The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk, are set to arrive in 2023, rumors suggest the latter might be pushed to 2024.

Either way, fans of the Pokemon franchise will have to keep waiting to unravel all of the mysteries of Paldea.

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Image Credits: The Pokemon Company / Game Freak