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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to ride Koraidon & Miraidon

Here’s how to ride Koraidon & Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet including how to unlock swimming, gliding, and climbing.



Ride Koraidon Miraidon Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can use Koraidon and Miraidon to get around Paldea quickly. Here’s how players can ride, climb, glide and utilize other modes with the Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offer players a vast open-world environment to explore as they progress across the three main story paths. Paldea is a huge region full of brand-new Pokemon to encounter, and players can utilize Koraidon and Miraidon to get around from the get-go.

Trainers can ride Koraidon in Scarlet and Miraidon in Violet, which is a drastic improvement in speed compared to walking. In addition, players can also unlock the ability to swim, climb, and glide with Koraidon and Miraidon, and we’ll explain how to do so.

How to ride Koraidon Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Trainers can ride Koraidon or Miraidon by pressing the Start or Plus (+) button on their controller. Pressing Start again will result in players dismounting. Unlocking the ability to ride Koraidon and Miraidon is as simple as completing the game’s prologue.

The good news is that Legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon will join your adventure early on in Scarlet and Violet. However, you won’t be able to ride them at the very start.

Once you visit the Naranja or Uva Academy and receive information on the Path of Legends, Victory Road, and Starfall Street, you’ll get a call from Professor Sada or Turo explaining that you can ride either Koraidon or Miraidon.

After the call, you must talk to Nemona about the Treasure Hunt to activate the ability.

How to swim, glide, and climb with Koraidon & Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Titan location

While it’s standard to ride Koraidon and Miraidon like a bike, as the game progresses players will have the opportunity to upgrade the Pokemons’ abilities.

Defeating each Titan Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet will restore Koraidon and Miraidon back to full health. As you defeat Titan Pokemon on the Path of Legends and feed Herba Mystica to Koraidon and Miraidon, you’ll be able to utilize new traveling abilities.

Here are the abilities unlocked based on the Titan Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet:

  • Klawf Stony Cliff Titan (Level 16): Koraidon/Miraidon unlocks the ability to sprint
  • Bombirdier Open Sky Titan (Level 19): Koraidon/Miraidon unlocks the ability to swim
  • Orthworm Lurking Steel Titan (Level 28): Koraidon/Miraidon unlocks the ability to Jump higher
  • Paradox Donphan Quaking Earth Titan (Level 44): Koraidon/Miraidon unlocks the ability to glide
  • Dondozo & Tatsugiri False Dragon Titan (Level 55): Koraidon/Miraidon unlocks the ability to climb

The final upgrade will arrive in the form of Koraidon and Miraidon regaining their ability to be used in battle. To do so, you’ll have to complete the three main stories and venture to The Great Crater of Paldea to take on The Way Home bonus quest.

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Image Credit: Game Freak / The Pokemon Company