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Players report PlayStation 5 consoles are already dying

Some players are having their PS5 launch day hype ruined by a dead console.



PS5 players are already reporting issues of their console dying on launch day.

The PlayStation 5 launched today, November 12, to a warm welcome from the console gaming community who were eager to try out the new features. The release corresponds with the first day of the new Call of Duty, which will undoubtedly spark a ton of purchases for both the game and the platform.

Of course, hardly any console launch can go off without a hitch, as Microsoft learned earlier in the week. Reports of the new Xbox Series X smoking during the first day were widely debunked, but Sony is having a similar issue with their PlayStation.

Unlike the Xbox Series X reports, however, these issues seem to be legitimate. one reviewer, YouTuber ACG, had his console die on him after saying, “Your storage is corrupted and we have to rebuild it.” After several pop-ups warning the YouTuber, his console completely died.

Sony is working with ACG and other people who have had similar issues. So far, it seems like the reported problems with routers and other outside elements might not apply to everyone.

ACG’s video is not the only one on YouTube showcasing a dead PlayStation 5. Another PS5 owner, who goes by Omni on YouTube, uploaded a short video that showed his dead console as well.

The good news surrounding this issue is that it doesn’t seem to be widespread. The vast majority of players who picked up a PS5 on launch day are having a pleasant experience with their new console.

Of course, this isn’t great press for a console that is, reportedly, already on track to outsell the PlayStation 4. Hopefully, Sony will resolve these issues, work with affected players, and make sure that the problem doesn’t persist into the holiday season.

We’ll keep you posted if we learn anything else about this situation, or if reports of dead PlayStations continue to pick up. For now, it seems like the chances of encountering a dead PS5 are slim, but not zero.