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Players can sell loot to NPCs in leaked Fortnite feature

One Fortnite data miner has revealed more information about the feature that allows players to sell loot to NPCs in Season 6.



Fortnite NPCs

An upcoming Fortnite feature to sell loot was leaked a few months back, and now a data miner has revealed more details about which NPCs can engage in these transactions with you.

Fortnite Season 5 introduced a ton of new content, including a feature that allows you to visit certain NPCs and complete quests for Gold Bars. You can then use your earnings to purchase Exotic weapons or recruit NPCs as bodyguards.

Back in December, a leak revealed that Epic Games were planning to take inspiration from Minecraft for a new system where players could sell loot to NPCs across Fortnite Island. Now, some new information about this feature has emerged.

Fortnite NPCs

These new details came from reliable Fortnite data miner Hypex, who revealed that certain NPCs will be marked with a special icon – a money bag with a dollar sign on it. These are the ones that players will be able to sell loot to.

“When you sell an expensive item the NPC is supposed to do the “Make It Rain” emote,” wrote the leaker. “I have no idea if they scrapped this idea or if it’s gonna have limits tho! Also, the prices for selling loot to NPCs are the same prices as weapon upgrades.”

This feature sounds incredibly useful as you can sell any Legendary weapons to NPCs for Gold Bars. You will be able to greatly reduce your inventory by getting rid of items that you rarely use, and earn some currency in exchange.

The original leak from back in December claimed that this feature would be implemented in Season 5, but that seems highly unlikely now, as it’s expected to end on March 15. However, we might still see it implemented soon.

Fans have begun speculating that the devs plan to introduce this feature when Season 6 goes live. This makes a ton of sense since the launch of a new season is the perfect time to introduce a huge new feature like this.

The data miner made it clear that while Epic Games may have made some slight changes to the animations, they definitely have a few surprises planned for players. Hopefully, we’ll see some new developments regarding this soon.

Image Credits: Epic Games