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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players call for long-awaited Scar change after Season 5 AMP63 buff

After the AMP63 buff, Warzone players are asking for a similar change to the Modern Warfare Scar Assault Rifle that they think will make it more viable.



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Players a rallying together to ask for a Warzone Scar buff following the Season 5 AMP63 upgrade.

Warzone Season 5 has started with a couple of buffs and nerfs for various weapons in the loot pool. Various attachments and perks also received changes to spice up the gameplay.

However, players are still waiting for Raven Software to buff the Modern Warfare weapons. When Warzone merged with Black Ops Cold War, the MW weapons quickly became less viable.

The AMP63 is a relatively new weapon to both Warzone and Cold War, and it just received a pretty substantial buff. Its ammo capacity has been increased across the board. Seeing this update, players are begging for MW AR buffs, specifically for the Warzone FN Scar 17.

Players want a Warzone Scar buff

Following the AMP63 buff, Reddit user u/Kermit-Jr posted a call for change to r/CODWarzone. Seeing that the secondary weapon had received a major magazine buff, Kermit-Jr thinks the same should be done for the Warzone Scar.

The Scar has been a faithful assault rifle in Warzone for a while. However, when Cold War weapons moved in, the Scar’s utility began to fade. Many comments under Kermit-Jr think a Warzone Scar buff could make it a viable weapon again.

At the very least, many players believe that the base magazine capacity should be increased to 30. A general consensus among the comments is that the Scar isn’t very good in its current state.

Even though the Scar deals a good amount of damage, players are cut short by the limited mag capacity. And it seems this buff could be applied to many MW weapons, not just the Scar.

But what do you think? Do you think players should keep fighting for a Warzone Scar buff? Or should the Scar stay where it’s at?

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Image Credits: Activision / Infinity Ward