How to get Jormuntide in Palworld: Location & tips to catch

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Jormuntide Palworld

Jormuntide is one of the strongest Pals you can find in Palworld, but to be able to add it to your team, you will need to put up a lot of time and effort. So, we’ll cover where to find Jormuntide in Palworld, including some tips on how to catch it.

Palworld took the gaming world by surprise with a considerable number of players enjoying the Palpagos Islands’ adventures in mere days. Catching Pals is the main attraction of this survival/monster collector game, and one of those Pals is the elusive and powerful Jormuntide.

Jormuntide is quite a rare sight, and to be able to find it, players must follow precise instructions, and channel a great deal of patience. Catching it is a whole different story, since this beast won’t go inside the Pal Sphere without a fight.

So here’s how to find Jormuntide in Palworld, including its location and the best way to catch it.

Where to find Jormuntide in Palworld

To find Jormuntide in Palworld, players need to travel to the innermost central part of the Palpagos Islands, at coordinates (351, -84). There, among the remains of an enormous Water-type Pal, you will find Jormuntide roaming around, but only by day.

Jormuntide Location
Jormuntide can be located in the centralmost part of the map.

Take into account that you’ll need a great deal of patience and Ultra Spheres to catch this beast. Buckle up, because you are about to catch yourselves a sea monster.

Who is Jormuntide in Palworld?

Jormuntide in Palworld
Jormuntide roams around the remains of a giant sea Pal.

In Palworld, Jormuntide is a Dragon/Water elemental Pal who is considered part of the S+ Tier of the roster. It is a pseudo-legendary Pal who inhabits certain bodies of water and launches powerful barrages of Water-type and Dragon-type attacks.

Its stats are over the norm, with 130 base HP, 150 ATK, and 100 DEF. It also boasts a work speed of 100, which is considerably good since it has a Watering Work Suitability of Lvl. 4, making it one of the best to water your crops in Palworld.

How to catch Jormuntide in Palworld

To catch Jormuntide in Palworld, you need to take his HP bar down, which is considerably large (about 4500+), and do keep in mind that this Pal is also around Lvl. 45, so Ultra Spheres are a must if you want to have a chance.

Take Electric and Ice Type Pals with you to the fight since they are most effective against the Dragon/Water-type Pal. The Chilled effect and the Stunned effect that Ice and Electric attacks cause will help you CC Jormuntide and improve your chances of capturing it.

Keep blasting it with Electric and Ice attacks until this beast goes down. You can also use Chilling Grenades and Shocking Grenades while your Pals fight it to improve your chances of success.

And that’s how to find and catch Jormuntide in Palworld. Fore more content on this monster-catching game, check out the following links:

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