Palworld: How to feed Pals

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Palworld Pal in grass

If your Pals get hungry in Palworld, you need to feed them and make sure they maintain their strength, efficiency, and ability to perform tasks. Here are all the ways you can feed Pals in Palworld.

Palworld is a record-breaking game as the newly released survival game continues to climb the charts. With more and more new players coming to the game, many are wondering how to complete some of the game’s basic tasks.

If you’re new to survival games, you’ll want to keep in mind that hunger is an important factor to consider. Your character, along with your Pals, will get hungry, and it’s your job to make sure they are well-nourished and in tip-top shape.

Here’s how Palworld players can feed their Pals:

How to feed Pals in Palworld

Palworld players can feed their Pals by utilizing the party inventory, making use of Feed Boxes, or interacting with nearby Pals. These three methods are the most popular ways to feed your creatures, so you can decide which one is the most efficient for you.

Palworld feed box
There are three options when it comes to feeding your Pals.

Interacting with a Pal

If you’re within reach of one of your Pals in Palworld, you can feed it by interacting with them. Get close to one and select the interact button. Then, choose the Feed option from the scroll wheel menu that appears.

After you select “Feed Pal” from the wheel, you’ll get the chance to choose what to feed them.

Palworld party inventory

You can feed Pals directly from your inventory menu, but this method only works to feed Pals in your party. To do so, right-click the food item you’d like to feed to your Pal or select it on Xbox. After you’ve selected the item, you can either chow down on it yourself or pick a Pal to feed it to.

If you’re looking to revitalize one or several Pals from your party, this is likely the quickest method.

Palworld food bread
You’ll need to collect Wheat Seeds to make bread in Palworld.

Feed Box

Much like many of the functions in Palworld, you can set up your Pals to eat food automatically. However, you’ll need an item called a Feed Box to enable the automated feature.

You’ll need to be at least Level 4 to craft a Feed Box, which you’ll need to craft by using 20 Wood. Once the Feed Box is crafted, place it in your base and add food items to it. This will ensure that the Pals in your base don’t starve, as they’ll nourish themselves automatically when hungry.

Keep in mind that while the process of feeding them is automated, you’ll still need to ensure that there is ample food in the Feed Boxes.

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