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Overwatch 2 player reveals game-changing settings Kiriko mains need to change

Kiriko players in Overwatch 2 can check out these game-changing settings that make playing as the Support hero much easier.



Kiriko in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 brought brand-new hero Kiriko to the roster, and players are still getting to grips with her Swift Step and Healing Ofuda abilities. It turns out there are some game-changing settings you can tweak to make using Kiriko even easier.

Overwatch 2 is finally here, bringing a new 5v5 format, new maps, and perhaps most importantly, new heroes. Kiriko, Sojourn, and Junker Queen arrived at launch, and players are still mastering their abilities.

If you’re looking to pick up Support hero Kiriko, there are a couple of game-changing settings you can change to make playing as her “much easier.”

According to Reddit user HamOnRye__, Overwatch 2 players should change the Swift Step Sensitivity to 100 and turn the Toggle Healing Ofuda setting Off within Kiriko’s menus.

As the Redditor explains, increasing the Swift Step Sensitivity will increase your sensitivity to teleporting to teammates, meaning that “the higher it is, the faster and quicker the reticle to teleport appears on teammates.” Lowering the setting means you’ll have to be more accurate when trying to teleport to a teammate.

Switching the Toggle Healing Ofuda setting to Off will allow you to be much more accurate when using her healing cards.

When set to Toggle, “it throws out the cards non-stop until you click left click again.” However, turning it Off means you’ll only throw one card per click, or you can hold the button to throw more.

“This makes giving teammates a little bit of health much easier and quicker,” explained the player. “It also makes it to where you can throw your kunai much more frequently.”

Overwatch 2 players in the comments backed up how useful it is to change these settings. User Linca_K9 said that setting the Toggle Healing Ofuda setting to Off was an “amazing change.”

“I don’t know why this option was on by default,” they continued. “It’s actually easier to play with it off.” The OP chimed in, explaining that “it’s crazy how much easier it is to play Kiriko with the setting turned to off.”

Don’t worry if Kiriko is locked for you when she shouldn’t be, as Blizzard have responded to the frustrating glitch that’s locking heroes.

Image Credit: Blizzard