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NICKMERCS wants Warzone to copy Apex Legends as Verdansk return calls continue

NICKMERCS has joined the calls for Verdansk to return to Warzone, urging Respawn to follow Apex Legends’ lead.



NICKMERCS pointing

As Warzone players continue to call for the return of Verdansk, streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff claims Raven Software should take a page from Apex Legends and how they rotate maps.

When Pacific Caldera was released late in 2021, Warzone players were practically begging Raven to get rid of Verdansk. The map had been part of the game since the battle royale’s release, and while it received universal acclaim for much of its lifespan, players eventually grew tired of it and wanted change.

Unfortunately, Warzone players quickly found out the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Caldera has been plagued with issues, with fans unhappy with the map design, while performance issues have also caused discontent. In fact, many Warzone players have stopped playing it altogether, preferring the smaller Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep maps.

With Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 on the horizon, players have started campaigning to have Verdansk return as a final sendoff to the game. Now, NICKMERCS has weighed in on the topic, claiming Apex Legends have the perfect model for Raven to follow.

“Verdansk has been trending on Twitter all morning because people want it back,” stated the FaZe Clan streamer at the start of his stream. “It’s true, it’s a much better map. Anyone who says it wouldn’t bring some hype to the game before Modern Warfare 2 comes out are crazy.”

“People don’t like Caldera. Good try, but it didn’t work. Take it to the chest. Put out the old one. I can’t imagine anyone would be mad. I think Apex does it right, the fact that they have new maps come out and then they put them on rotation, that’s fire.”

“Why do all that work and make that map to have it go away forever?”

Whether Raven will actually bring Verdansk back remains to be seen, but with only one season left of the game, time is running out.

In the past, Raven have said they would love to introduce map rotation to the game, but stated that technical issues and install sizes made it extremely difficult.

Image Credits: Twitch (NICKMERCS)