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NICKMERCS reveals 3 things Warzone needs to change in Season 4

With Warzone Season 3 coming to an end, Twitch streamer NICKMERCS highlighted some of the changes he wants to see in Season 4.



NICKMERCS wants three big changes in Warzone Season 4

Popular Twitch streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff discussed the issues currently affecting Warzone and revealed some of the major changes that he wants to see implemented in Season 4.

In our Season 3 review, we mentioned that Warzone’s new changes to Verdansk and weapon balance updates were a “step in the right direction.” However, there are still a few problems plaguing the battle royale.

There have been various map-related glitches and other issues with the game. With Season 4 on its way, fans are expecting some major updates, and NICKMERCS has revealed three changes that he wants to see.

Cold war standoff map

In a new video, NICKMERCS talked about the lighting issues in Warzone Season 3. Various players pointed out that the new lighting and color pallet are causing glaring problems. Nick attributed this to the sun.

“This sun is being a nuisance,” he said. “I don’t know what they did, but they’ve got to turn it down!” Nick also added that he wants to see more anti-cheat changes implemented, along with the return of Specialist.

With the June 3 update the 80s Action Heroes event concluded, and the developers closed the Nakatomi Plaza vault, keeping players from getting the Specialist Bonus. This led to many fans asking the devs to add it back.

Timestamp at 0:45

Despite his grievances, Nick also admitted that there are aspects of Season 3 that he greatly enjoyed, like the addition of the Nakatomi Plaza vault. While it’s currently been removed, he hopes to see more of it in the near future.

Since Warzone Season 4 won’t be going live until mid-June, Raven Software just might listen to these suggestions, and make these changes in the coming update.

For more on Warzone, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for news and guides as Season 4 draws nearer.

Image credits: NICKMERCS