4 Hours of MW3 Gameplay & Screenshots from IGN’s Livestream

0:07:31 -Livestream starts
0:07:44 -“Mind The Gap” Campaign mission (14min)
0:21:52 -Multiplayer (1hr 20min)
1:41:39 -Spec Ops Survival (56min)
2:37:37 -Multiplayer (1hr 23min)


Confirmed & Observed:
-First seen MSR gameplay.
-No 3D Support.
-HUGE plot spoiler in the back of the Hardened Edition Field Journal (art book).
-10 max custom classes (5 availble in prestige shop)
-Would not comment on “other DLC”, only maps confirmed so far.



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Summary Screen:

[nggallery id=96]


Map Loading:

[nggallery id=93]

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Ranking Up:

[nggallery id=100]


Attatchments & Tactical:

[nggallery id=91]



[nggallery id=92]



[nggallery id=95]


Perk 1:

[nggallery id=94]


Perk 2:

[nggallery id=97]


Perk 3:

[nggallery id=98]



-Photos by: @RK1EliteKnight