MW3’s New PRESTIGE SHOP & MENU Screenshots

Like that new SCAR-L but afraid to prestige and wait another 31 ranks? Well take it with you to the next Prestige! FourZeroTwo confirmed via twitter yesterday, “It’s a shop that unlocks after 1st prestige where you can use prestige points earned by prestiging to unlock useful feature.” and added, “When you prestige you unlock a shop that let’s you choose what you unlock (like taking one piece of gear over to next prestige).” Theres still a lot of questions as to exactly how this works but we’re already liking what we’re seeing. One of the main reason I never prestiged in Black Ops was because I didnt want to wait 44 ranks to get the Commando back..

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We were able to grab a hi-res screenshot of the “Prestige Shop” durring the XP2011 press briefing. Here are some other menus captured:

[nggallery id=41]

[nggallery id=42]