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New Prop-ifier weapon added in Fortnite 17.30 August 10 Hotfix

Fortnite’s 17.30 August 10 Hotfix has added an inventive new weapon called the Prop-ifier for players to get their hands on



Picture of the Prop-ifier, the latest weapon to be added to Fortnite

With just over a month to go on Fortnite Season 7, the rollout of new content is showing no signs of slowing up. Epic Games revealed yesterday that Marvel’s Gamora will be heading into the game in the coming days, and now a brand new weapon is being added.

Coming courtesy of the 17.30 August 10 Hotfix, Fortnite’s official Twitter account posted a “news alert” announcing that players are to have a creative new piece of alien technology at their disposal.

In the post, it states that the aliens which have invaded the map this season are believed to be “disguising” themselves as everyday objects. Fans of modes like prop-hunt will likely know where this is headed.

Screenshot of Fortnite season 7 gameplay

The Prop-ifier is the latest weapon to make its way into Season 7, joining the likes of the Kymera Ray Gun which made its way in recently. Much as the name suggests, it allows players to fully transfer into a number of the props that are usually found scattered around the map. They can be found in chests, on top of abductors, and in the Mothership.

As a prop you will be able to move around, but for maximum effectiveness, there is also an option to lock your character in place. The ability was previously available from vendors across the map, but the option is now there to do it on the fly.

This new piece of tech opens up plenty of tactical options, whether it be hiding from an enemy team when you are low on heals or to help get into a strategic position to pounce on another squad. The teaser shared on social media showed a trio transforming into a garden gnome, a doghouse, and a prop cow mid-fight to get the drop on their rivals.

In the interest of balance, those disguised as props won’t be able to blend in perfectly, however. According to the patch notes on Epic’s website, settled props will glitch intermittently like “old TV static”. It also won’t be available in competitive playlists.

Another change included in the v17.30 update is an increase in the availability of alien nanites on the ground after players reported they were finding them difficult to come across.