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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

New Modern Warfare 2 teaser shows off AC-130 campaign mission

Modern Warfare 2 campaign footage has dropped and it appears the classic Death from Above AC-130 mission will be returning.



Death from Above mission in CoD 4

Call of Duty 4 put players into the gunner seat of an AC-130 in the Death from Above mission, and thanks to a new teaser it appears Modern Warfare 2 players will watch over the team once again in another AC-130 campaign mission.

Alongside the highly anticipated multiplayer and Warzone 2 which will be revealed at CoD Next, Modern Warfare 2 reunites players with Task Force 141 for a globe-trotting campaign. Although a reboot, some of the missions will be reimaginings of popular CoD 4 missions such as All Ghilled Up.

Players loved Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s boots-on-the-ground introduction to a squad of SAS soldiers, and aside from the fan-favorite All Ghillied Up mission, Death from Above is considered one of the most hauntingly memorable.

In this mission, players assume the role of an AC-130 gunner, using thermal optics to identify and blow up tiny white dots, which are people, to clear a path for Price and his team. Disconnected from the battle below with only the hum of the engines in your ears, you’re instructed to drop shells on the enemies below to the delight of the officers in charge.

Players loved this mission for many different reasons, and it appears that Infinity Ward are bringing it back with Modern Warfare 2’s campaign.

A unique Modern Warfare 2 teaser is appearing on Facebook and Instagram, showing Task Force 141 on one of their missions. It then cuts to Soap signaling an AC-130 above, putting the player in the POV of the gunner as they blow up a building below.

This won’t be a scene-for-scene recreation of the original mission as it appears to be taking place in Mexico during the daytime. But with Infinity Ward returning, we expect the mission to be extremely similar in style and tone.

Plus, this all but confirms that the AC-130 will return as a multiplayer Killstreak. The UAV a Predator Missile have been leaked already, but we can expect to pilot an AC-130 in multiplayer once again, perhaps in the upcoming beta.

Image Credit: Activision