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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

New Black Ops Cold War Weaver skin breaks aim assist

New skins are always a welcome addition to Black Ops Cold War, but the new Weaver outfit is causing the game’s aim assist to malfunction.



The release of Cold War Season 5 came with plenty of changes to the core game but players are reporting that the new Crystallized Weaver skin is causing aim assist to break.

Black Ops Cold War Season 5 is officially upon us, and players have been jumping into the new content with both feet. But fans haven’t been happy with every part of how the game plays in the latest season. They’ve called for the overpowered TEC-9 to be nerfed and for a rework of sniper rifles.

They don’t seem to be the only problems the game is suffering from in Season 5. A new issue has been uncovered in which an opponent having the new Weaver skin equipped completely breaks the game’s aim assist.

Black Ops Cold War character firing sniper rifle

In a video shared on Twitter by CoD leaker Zesty, you can see that when firing at the Crystallized Weaker outfit, the usual aim assistance doesn’t kick in. As players will know, ordinarily when you aim near an enemy you snap onto them and the camera subtlely tracks them while you fire.

From this video, it’s clear that the use of this skin is causing an issue with the feature, as the player’s aim is freely swaying from side to side, making it extremely difficult to accurately land any shots.

Later in the video, he tries it out from long range, which only makes the issue worse. The player asks his friend to move out of cover and retreat to see if he can hit them. Although he does manage to score the kill, he has to spray far more than he would have if the aim assist was helping.

If this problem continues, it could cause havoc in multiplayer lobbies, as anyone with the Crystallized Weaver skin will have a serious advantage over the rest of the players. Especially on larger maps, where aim assist makes a far bigger difference.

The leaker says they are unsure if the issue has made its way into Warzone as well, or if it is specific to Cold War – they are testing to make sure. Comments on the post seem to hint that aim assist in the battle royale is working, but we are awaiting confirmation.

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Image credits: Activision