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When is MultiVersus Season 2? Season 1 end date, character leaks, expected content

Here’s everything we know about MultiVersus Season 2, including its expected release date, leaked characters, and content.



Multiversus characters and logo

MultiVersus Season 1 is here, bringing new characters, a Battle Pass, and Ranked to the free-to-play fighting game. But when does the next season start? Here’s everything we know about MultiVersus Season 2.

MultiVersus immediately became a hit when its open beta went live in July, bringing in over 10 million players. Even more content arrived in its Season 1 update on August 15, with characters such as Rick, Morty, Black Adam, and Beetlejuice arriving throughout the season.

But with MultiVersus having the potential to bring characters from every corner of Warner Bros’ brands, we’re taking a look at Season 2 and breaking down its expected release date, leaked characters, and everything else the next season could bring.

Expected MultiVersus Season 2 release date

While the devs, Player First, haven’t given an official release date, MultiVersus Season 2 is set to arrive on November 15, 2022.

This is when the Season 1 Battle Pass expires, so assuming there are no delays or extended downtime, we expect Season 2 to kick off immediately after.

MultiVersus Season 2 character leaks

MultiVersus already has a diverse roster from Warner Bros’ properties, and a ton of upcoming characters have been leaked.

With Batman, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman already in MultiVersus, there are, of course, more DC Universe characters such as Joker and Poison Ivy set to arrive. Plus, other fan favorites such as Harry Potter, Daenerys Targaryen, and Ted Lasso have been found in the game files.

While Lord of the Rings characters such as Gandalf and Legolas have been leaked, their arrival has been made more unlikely after dataminers reported that all of the LotR content has been removed from the game files. This was only one day before Embracer Group acquired the IP rights to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

There’s no way of knowing which characters will arrive in Season 2, but we should know much more about the upcoming season before it goes live.

Expected MultiVersus Season 2 content

Alongside all of the new MultiVersus characters, we expect Season 2 to bring game-changing buffs and nerfs to the existing roster, a new Battle Pass, maps and stages inspired by the new arrivals, and perhaps a new Ranked season.

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Image Credit: Player First Games