Unreleased Modern Warfare melee weapon gameplay footage leaked

Modern Warfare Operator executing an enemy

Modern Warfare is still very popular in 2021, with many players enjoying the game’s Multiplayer. The latest leaks for the game have revealed an unreleased melee weapon with footage of its animations.

Despite being released in 2019, players are still being given content for Modern Warfare like the RAAL LMG and the addition of some new maps for Multiplayer in 2021.

This has satisfied the committed community for the 2019 Call of Duty game, and in the latest news for the game, dataminers have unearthed an unreleased melee weapon.

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warzone kali sticks

Call of Duty players love it when the developers introduce interesting melee weapons such as the Sai in the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Reloaded update.

Thanks to ModenasHD, players were given a sneak peek at a never-before-seen melee weapon for Modern Warfare, including its inspect and attack animations.

The melee weapon is called the “Cinder Block,” and it’s an “unreleased and cut” melee weapon that was meant for Modern Warfare.

Although we did see a cinder block finishing move in Warzone and Modern Warfare, the full melee weapon was never released.

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As this weapon was “cut,” and the Call of Duty developers have their attention on the release of Vanguard, this melee weapon is most likely never going to be released. Luckily there is plenty of great secondary options.

The “Cinder Block” is amusing, and it’s a shame that players will never be able to bonk enemies over the head with it.

The melee weapon would have seen players with both hands on this huge brick swinging it left and right to drop enemies. This is a less elegant design for a melee weapon than something like the Sai or even the Sledge Hammer, so perhaps that is the reason it was never released.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software