Report: NFL star Marcus Mariota says he ‘just played’ the new COD game, says its like the ‘old Modern Warfare’

NFL player Marcus Mariota, the quarterback for Tennessee Titans team, was on stream with NICKMERCS who was playing Fortnite at an event for the NFL Draft, which takes place this weekend. Nickmercs was one of the Twitch streams brought out for a Fortnite stream at the draft event to play with certain NFL starts.

During his stream, Nickmercs asked Mariota what is his favorite Call of Duty game is.

Mariota replied that he loves the “original Modern Warfare” and then says that he just “played the new one” and it’s like the “old Modern Warfare” games.

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He says, “They just let me uh….we just played the new one. Yea, it’s pretty dope. It’s like the’s like the old Modern Warfare.”

He did not say any more on the game following that, but this does lead to more evidence that the 2019 game is a new Modern Warfare title.

We’ll keep you updated…

SOURCE: Twitch Clip

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