Modern Warfare’s missing multiplayer maps have finally returned

Petrov Oil Rig in Modern Warfare

The Vacant and Petrov Oil Rig multiplayer maps have finally made their return to Modern Warfare after they went missing from the game’s playlists for a while.

Modern Warfare features a variety of different locations for players to battle each other in, with each map providing different kinds of combat opportunities. However, players noticed that a few maps were missing from the game’s playlists.

The Vacant and Petrov Oil Rig multiplayer maps had been removed from the game since December. Now, the developers have finally added both of these areas back to Modern Warfare.

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Vacant map in Modern Warfare

Vacant and Petrov Oil Rig were removed from the Quickplay rotation after the Vanguard integration brought some frustrating bugs to Modern Warfare. Players reported game crashes that would prevent them from loading these maps.

While there’s no confirmed reason for why these maps were removed from Modern Warfare, many speculated that it was to fix these glaring problems. After their removal, players began to wonder when these locations would be added back.

Reddit user ‘LuizMW_’ shared a screenshot in the Modern Warfare subreddit, showing that these maps have finally returned. They wrote: “If you miss Vacant and Petrov Oil Rig, they are available right now in Cyber Attack Pro, after today’s playlist update!”

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The Vacant map is set in a small abandoned office building while the Petrov Oil Rig drops you onto an oil platform offshore. Modern Warfare players will finally be able to drop into these areas again after their absence from the game.

The Modern Warfare developers have been resolving many of the game’s most glaring problems, as they also fixed the frustrating issues with the Killhouse & Al-Raab multiplayer maps.

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Image Credit: Activision