Modern Warfare dev confirms nerfs coming for the tanks in Ground War

Infinity Ward has confirmed on Twitter that they will be nerfing the tanks a bit in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Ground War mode.

Tanks have been the cause of many frustration for players who play Ground War, as some camp in the tanks on ledges and make it unable to even capture objectives or other things.

Tanks have been in Call of Duty in the past, but with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, tanks are prominent in the 3 Ground War maps in the game. The tanks currently have high health and large blast radius which makes it challenging to even go up against those in the Ground War matches.

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Infinity Ward’s Joe Cecot has confirmed that they will be nerfing the tanks a bit in an upcoming update to balance out the vehicle in the overall game.

In a follow up tweet, he also reiterated that they need to nerf the 725 a bit more as players are still using it excessively.

We’ll keep you updated when this nerf changes do go live.

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