Is the CX-9 overpowered? Modern Warfare players debate new SMG

Modern Warfare CX9

The new CX-9 has been causing some controversy since its release in Season 4, with players disagreeing on whether it’s overpowered or not.

Although streamers and content creators have started to turn off Warzone due to the constant hacking, players continue to enjoy Season 4, especially with the new CX-9 SMG finally being released.

It’s not just Warzone players who get to enjoy this weapon either, as Modern Warfare players also got given the new weapon for Multiplayer. The CX-9 is definitely strong, but some players are debating whether it’s overpowered or not.

cx-9 modern warfare warzone

Reddit user paucus62 put up a detailed post concerning the new weapon and its overpowered stigma. Overall, the players believe the community is framing the weapon as broken and overpowered when their opinion is that it’s not.

In the post, paucus62 states that:

“We all know the CX9 is very good, but I’m tired of people overblowing its performance. Especially when the AS VAL exists. It is very weird because it is VERY evident that there are weapons that can consistently outgun the CX9 in certain situations, yet everyone calls it BROKEN.”

The overall gist of the post is that there is a “hyperbolic” culture, meaning players will define things in an extreme way with words like “trash” and no in-between. However, this user thinks it is too far, and the CX-9 is actually just a weapon with “good handling and a competitive time to kill.”

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User’s in the comments also had some things to say in agreement, with one person stating that “every gun that comes out is “broken” because everybody uses it and you end up dying to it so many times that you just consider it overpowered.”

The comments seem to all agree that it is simply because the weapon is new, and so many players are using it and thus dying to it that it causes a stigma of the weapon being overpowered.

Regardless of how dominant the weapon is, players will always have different opinions on how strong certain weapons are, especially when it comes to weapons that are considered meta.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software