Infinity Ward dev has ‘no details’ on Ranked Play for Modern Warfare

Fans who have been waiting for a potential Ranked Play in Modern Warfare may be disappointed.

Infinity Ward’s Art Director has said on Reddit that he has “no details” on any potential Ranked Play for Modern Warfare when asked by a fan.

Sorry. I dont have details on that.

Fans have been hoping for some sort of a Ranked Playlist in Modern Warfare since it’s launch, especially with the launch of the Call of Duty League.

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For those waiting on it, there may not be one coming but it’s not too clear yet.

One thing I’ll say: last I heard a few months ago was that there was no Ranked Play in development for Modern Warfare. If that has changed, that’s up in the air for now. There could’ve have been some changes with the Call of Duty League, but we haven’t heard on that.

We’ll keep you updated if anything changes.

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