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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 Sniper scope comes with a free “mini Flashbang”

A certain Sniper scope in Modern Warfare 2 comes with a range of tasty benefits including the ability to essentially blind players.



modern warfare 2 operator using sniper

Modern Warfare 2 players have discovered a Sniper scope that comes with different effects, including one that can produce the power of a mini-Flashbang.

The beauty of having so many attachments in Modern Warfare 2 is that players and CoD data experts will constantly find unique parts that can make guns behave wildly differently from how they operate normally.

There are always attachments that produce next-to-no recoil in both MW2 and Warzone 2, but CoD players have gone one step further with their findings in Modern Warfare 2.

One of the game’s Sniper scopes can not only offer players useful positives such as increased ADS speed, but it can also simulate the effects of a flashbang with the player needing to do very little to activate this.

Reddit user SSYorimz revealed to the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit that the Raptor-FVM40 scope “gives you a Flashbang” on top of its base stats.

The attachment promises players a bullet drop indicator, 13.0x magnification, and ADS speed, at the expense of “Very Large Sniper Glint.”

However, the sniper glint can actually work in the user’s favor as you can just “Run ‘n’ gun with this and a flashlight on just to make sure they go blind,” said one player.

One MW2 user asked how the attachment resembles a flashbang, and the OP explained: “If you look at someone through scope they almost get mini-flashbanged. Huge Sniper Glint makes it hard for your enemy to see you because the glint is bigger than you are. Makes it difficult to aim at.”

There does seem to be a decent counter to the attachment though as one Reddit user said: “FYI, one way to counter people who use this scope is to equip your own sniper with the max zoom thermal optic (12.5x). It also has a very large glint so you’re blinding the enemy sniper while being immune to being blinded yourself as sniper glint doesn’t show up on thermals.”

Whichever approach you take, just know that your visibility and ability to lock onto players using this scope will be limited and a lot more difficult unless the devs decide to tinker with the attachment.

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Image Credit: Activision