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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 private matches hint at Specialist coming to the game

Modern Warfare 2 players are desperate for Specialist to arrive, but private matches hint that it could be on the way.



Modern Warfare 2 doesn’t feature the powerful Specialist Bonus but the game’s private matches hint that it could be on the way.

Modern Warfare 2 has reinvented Call of Duty’s Perks system, with players now selecting Perk Packages, with only two active at the start of the game. The new system has come under fire for allowing UAVs and other Killstreaks to dominate the start of matches, as players have to wait for Cold-Blooded and Ghost to come online.

Another complaint with the new Perk system is that it doesn’t allow for Modern Warfare 2019’s Specialist Bonus. This allows players to earn more Perks instead of traditional Killstreaks or Scorestreaks, but it’s not available in Modern Warfare 2. However, it’s been mentioned in the private match menus, potentially hinting at its arrival.

As pointed out by Reddit user LightsOut16900, Modern Warfare 2’s private matches mention that ‘Wrap Killstreaks’ can be enabled, where players can earn Killstreaks multiple times in one life. However, there’s a note that reads: “Specialist streaks do not wrap as the perks are persistent when earned in that life.”

This makes it entirely possible that Infinity Ward plan to include Specialist in a future update, perhaps in Season 1 or a later season. However, not everyone’s convinced that Specialist is actually on the way.

As some players have pointed out, it’s possible that the Specialist text has been left over with some of Modern Warfare 2019’s other assets that have been found in the game such as one team being called Allegiance and some of the old Operators showing up.

“Considering the amount of MW19 operator names still left in random places and other stuff, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just a forgotten piece of that nobody fixed,” explained Orangenblueflish.

Specialist is an excellent tool for reaching high Killstreaks such as the MGB Tactical Nuke, and it also appeared as a pickup in Warzone. We’ll just have to wait and see if it arrives in a future update.

Image Credit: Activision