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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 players want major change to CoD’s Prestige system

Call of Duty players are calling for the Modern Warfare 2 developers to make a major change to the franchise’s Prestige system.



Modern Warfare 2 operators

The Call of Duty community is hoping that the highly-anticipated Modern Warfare 2 to bring a major change to the series Prestige system.

Modern Warfare 2 is set to bring a ton of content when it is finally released in October, including a brand-new campaign, maps, movement mechanics, and an improved Gunsmith system.

Now, fans of the popular shooter franchise are calling for the Modern Warfare developers to bring back the version of the Prestige system that was present in older Call of Duty titles.

This progression system is meant to incentivize players to grind the game so that they can earn an impressive Prestige Level. Reddit user ‘Target74’ shared an image of the Modern Warfare 2 Steam page in the game’s subreddit.

It mentions that players can “race to Prestige and level up [their] favorite weapons.” The Redditor stated that this is the first time they’ve seen a mention of Prestige when it comes to MW2.

However, one user pointed out that this isn’t a direct confirmation of the system in MW2 as a few CoD titles have referred to seasonal leveling as games as “Prestige.” Many of the commenters expressed their desire to see the return of the old Prestige system.

Black Ops Cold War introduced a new version of the system which would cause players’ levels to reset to base at the start of each new season. While players could keep all their unlocks, they would have to start leveling up again.

In the original Modern Warfare 2, players could keep their rank and Prestige it. One user commented: “Just let us do it old school to 1000 max prestige and stop resetting crap over and over again.”

Another player added that the current system “provides zero incentive” for players to grind their levels. They explained: “Now there’s no reason to grind your levels at all because they get reset every two months and make it feel like you wasted your time.”

The commenter then added that they want to see the old level system and Prestiges come back as they made it more exciting to jump into Double XP weekends.

Having your level reset makes it easy for players to feel like they’re not getting anything for their efforts. However, it’s possible that the developers might make a few changes when Modern Warfare 2 arrives.

As one commenter pointed out, both Cold War and Vanguard are tied to Warzone so they had to go with the same leveling system. Since MW2 and Warzone 2 are fresh starts, they could change the leveling system.

We’ll be sure to update you with new information about the progression system in Modern Warfare 2 as soon as it becomes available.

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Image credits: Activision