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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 players call for changes to “unplayable” Ground War mode

Modern Warfare 2 players are frustrated with the current state of the Ground War mode and want to see major change.



Modern Warfare 2 operators

Modern Warfare 2’s Ground War mode pits two teams against each other for control of flags on the map, but the community feels that the mode is currently “unplayable” and is calling for changes.

There are different game modes that you can try out in Modern Warfare 2, and Ground War tasks players with capturing and holding down the enemy team’s flags that are located across the map.

You get to earn points by getting control of flags for your team, but Modern Warfare 2 players feel that the current iteration of Ground War has major problems and want to see some significant changes.

Reddit user ‘Aries_24’ highlighted several issues in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit that they feel make the current Ground War mode a “downgrade” from the version in Modern Warfare 2019.

These include the presence of the Transport Heli, accessible rooftops, overpowered Snipers, and players spamming UAVs. The Redditor then followed up on these complaints with a few suggested changes.

They called for the Transport Heli to only spawn for a team that has lost four of the five flags or if there’s a big score deficit. They also suggested limiting the number of Snipers in a team and making the UAV only work for the squad of the player that calls it in.

Other changes included limiting access to rooftops and reducing the amount of armor on the map. In the comments, players agreed with the Redditor’s sentiment, and one user replied: “Some valid points, would be nice if they could address any of these.”

Another player described Ground War is “lackluster” and “unplayable” in its current state before adding that the version in Modern Warfare 2019 was much more fun.

One player added that the Transport Heli has “completely ruined the flow of the game.” They then explained: “I loved Ground War in 2019. It was all that my friends and I would play. We played this for a week and all of us were over it.”

Many of the commenters agreed that Modern Warfare 2’s version of Ground War needs work. It remains to be seen if the developers are planning to respond to these complaints.

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Image credits: Activision