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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 devs hide Season 1’s Operator in the credits

An Infinity Ward dev has teased that Modern Warfare 2 Season 1’s Battle Pass Operator is hidden inside the campaign’s credits.



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Modern Warfare 2 will bring a brand-new playable Operator with November 16’s Season 1 update and players are already theorizing on what character will arrive. According to a dev, the answer is hidden inside the game’s credits.

Modern Warfare 2 players who pre-ordered have plenty of time to get through the campaign ahead of the game’s October 28 launch. The campaign gave us a proper introduction to the new versions of classic characters and brought some new faces that are already becoming fan favorites.

With so many popular characters in the campaign, players are already looking ahead to who they’ll be unlocking in Season 1‘s Battle Pass. It turns out their identity is teased in the campaign’s credits.

Infinity Ward Studio Art Director Joel Emslie teased that “maybe there’s a clue in the credits?” This has had players scouring the credits for clues.

The obvious choices are either Ghost or Modern Warfare 2019 Operator Nikto. Both of these characters’ masks are featured in the trailer, so many are taking this as a hint.

Currently, Ghost is only available to those who purchase the Vault Edition, but one of his default looks from the campaign could come in Season 1.

And while he wasn’t available in the Season 1 Battle Pass, Nikto was featured in the season’s artwork and hit the store in his own Operator Bundle. It’s possible that the Operator returns in Modern Warfare 2’s first season as a call-back to 2019’s game.

But, the developer said that “it’s not obvious,” so maybe Nikto’s mask appearing is too on the nose.

There’s also some Shadow Company gear in these end credits, including the rook chess piece that’s on the company patch. It’s possible we’ll see another Shadow Company Operator in Season 1, perhaps Graves or Warzone’s Marcus ‘Lerch’ Ortega.

With Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 arriving only three weeks after launch, it won’t be long until we know which Operator arrives in the Battle Pass alongside Warzone 2 and DMZ.

Image Credit: Activision