How to whisper in Minecraft

Aakrit Sharma
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Whispering is one of the most useful chat features in Minecraft and multiplayer enthusiasts use it heavily. If you want to gain more authority over who sees your messages, check out this guide on how to whisper in Minecraft.

Over the years, Minecraft has gained millions of active users and one of the biggest reasons behind this unprecedented rise is the game’s ever-evolving multiplayer mode. There are countless servers that offer unique experiences like treasure hunts, build wars, parkour, and death run, among others.

Communication is another aspect that makes these multiplayer modes fun and Minecraft grants several chat features to improve the overall experience. One such feature is whispering, and here’s how you can use it.

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What is whispering in Minecraft?

Whispering is a chat feature in Minecraft with which players can send messages to each other without other players seeing them. Accordingly, you can use it to plan pranks, gossip, have private conversations, give directions to specific players, and a ton of other things.

Do note that you can only whisper through commands in the game, and we’ll teach you how to do it.

How to whisper in Minecraft

Follow these steps to whisper a message in Minecraft:

  1. Enable cheats in your Minecraft world and then access the command console by pressing the ~ key.
  2. Type /tell. You’ll get five options after that and each option will let you whisper to a different set of players.
  3. Select the desired option and type the message. Hit send and your message will be whispered to the selected players.

These are the different whispering options that Minecraft players get after typing /tell in the chat box:

  • @a – Whisper the message to all players in the game.
  • @e – Whisper the message to all entities in the game.
  • @p – Whisper the message to the closest players.
  • @r – Whisper the message to a random set of players.
  • @s – Whisper the message to just yourself (can be helpful for taking notes).

Long story short, you can whisper in Minecraft by opening the chat menu with the ~ key and typing ‘/tell @a/@e/@p/@r/@s [your message]’. If you do this successfully, the selected players will get a notification in their chat section that says [your name] whispers to you :[the message].

In case the /tell command doesn’t work, you can also try /whisper or /msg.

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Image Credits: Mojang