How to make Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete Minecraft

Concrete is one of the most-used building materials in Minecraft owing to its sturdiness. You can also craft it in various colors, and here’s how to make Concrete from scratch.

Crafting in Minecraft allows players to make a wide range of items like Smooth Stone, Honeycomb, and Glass. The list also includes Concrete which is a solid block available in 16 colors. It can undoubtedly help in making your world as vibrant as you want.

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With detailed information on its ingredients and crafting recipe, this guide will teach you how to craft Concrete in Minecraft.

Multi-colored Concrete blocks Minecraft

How to make Concrete from Concrete Powder in Minecraft

Concrete Powder turns into Concrete when it comes into contact with water in Minecraft. To make Concrete Powder, you’ll require:

  • 4x Sand
  • 4x Gravel
  • Dye of your choice

While Sand is abundantly found in desert regions, Gravel is commonly found in the Overworld and Nether. Flowers are the primary source of different Dyes in Minecraft and you can use techniques like smelting and crafting to create unique colors.

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The color of your Concrete Powder depends on the color of the dye you put alongside sand and gravel in the crafting table.

Unlike several other recipes in Minecraft, the crafting recipe for Concrete Power doesn’t demand a definite pattern. On a 3×3 crafting table, place the nine items in any pattern you want and collect eight pieces of Concrete Powder.

Crafting recipe to make White Concrete Powder

After making Concrete Powder, place it on a water source and it’ll turn into a Concrete block. Break this block to get Concrete in your inventory.

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It is worth noting that the powder won’t turn into Concrete with rain, water bottles, and water-filled cauldrons.

Difference between Concrete Powder and Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete powder in Minecraft works like sand which implies that it is affected by gravity and you cannot place it above the ground. It is widely used to make note blocks and bridges over water.

In contrast, Concrete is a proper building material that is slightly more durable than stone but is vulnerable to blasts.

Concrete and Concrete Powder also have different textures. You can use this to create attractive structures with unique color combinations.

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You’ll have to travel around the map to collect sand and other items to progress in Mojang’s sandbox game and a horse significantly eases this process. If you still don’t have a horse, make sure to check out our guides on how to make a saddle in Minecraft and how to tame a Horse in Minecraft.

Image Credits: Mojang

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