How to make a Smoker in Minecraft

Rishabh Sabarwal
Smoker cooking food in Minecraft

Smokers are not pivotal in Minecraft, but they can help players cook food faster than a furnace and they can be placed in the advanced kitchen builds. Here’s how you can make a smoker in Minecraft.

There are various blocks in Minecraft that have different functionality and entirely different GUI windows. From Stonecutters to Furnaces, players use them to craft more advanced blocks.

One such block is the Smoker, which is an advanced version of the Furnace. Smokers work similarly to a Furnace except it cooks food faster and it saves the players’ time.

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Here’s a detailed guide on how you can easily make a Smoker in Minecraft.

Smoker Crafting in Minecraft

How to make a Smoker in Minecraft

Making a smoker in Minecraft requires you to have two basic things: 4 Wooden Logs and a Furnace.

To craft a Furnace, simply take 8 Cobblestone blocks and place one in every section of the Crafting Table apart from the central square.

Once you have at least 4 Wood Logs and a furnace, follow these steps:

  1. Open the crafting menu GUI
  2. Place 4 Wood Logs in a diamond shape
  3. Place the furnace in the center slot of the grid
  4. And you’re done! You’ll be able to see your Smoker successfully crafted on the right.

You will now be able to cook any meat you have gathered by placing this Smoker on the ground.

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Using a Smoker to cook food in Minecraft

How to use a Smoker in Minecraft

A smoker can easily be accessed similarly to a crafting table in Minecraft. Just right-click the Smoker and the Smoker GUI will pop up on your screen.

Once the GUI is opened on your screen, you will be able to see two slots available for you to place your items. You can place any food item you have gathered in the world in the top slot and a suitable fuel (coal or lava) at the bottom slot.

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Then wait for the arrow to fill completely until your food is cooked. Once the arrow fills up, you’ll have your cooked food item on the right-hand slot that you can store in your inventory.

Smokers can be extremely useful in long travels and speedrunning quests that players sometimes embark on. Carrying one of these useful blocks can help them gain energy with cooked food and craft more items faster.

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