How to make a composter in Minecraft

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A composter and bone meal in Minecraft

Composters in Minecraft can help players with recycling, changing the professions of villagers, and several other things. Here’s how to easily make a composter in Minecraft with wooden slabs.

The Minecraft Overworld is massive and contains a ton of plants and animals. You can grow farm food items like mushrooms or tame wildlife such as llamas, horses, cats, foxes, and axolotls, among others.

A composter is a unique item that lets you convert biological material into bone meal in Minecraft. The latter is the primary fertilizer in the game and also helps in creating dyes.

On that note, here’s how to make a composter in Minecraft.

A Minecraft villager smiling

How to craft a composter in Minecraft

You need seven wooden slabs to craft a composter in Minecraft. Do note that the crafting recipe previously included fences but now, you only need slabs.

How to make wooden slabs in Minecraft

You need wooden planks to create wooden slabs in Minecraft. To get planks, find some trees in the Overworld and chop them down to get wooden logs.

Now, put the wooden logs into any slot of the crafting GUI and they will turn into wooden planks.

After obtaining wooden planks, just place three of them in the bottom-most row of a crafting table to get wooden slabs.

The crafting recipe for wooden slabs is also showcased in this image:

Crafting recipe for wooden slabs in Minecraft

Crafting recipe for composter in Minecraft

Once you have seven wooden slabs, place them in a U-shape in the 3×3 crafting grid. The same has been showcased in this image:

Crafting recipe for a composter in Minecraft

There are many types of woods in the game and you can use any type for crafting a composter.

Uses of a composter in Minecraft

Once you’ve made a composter in Minecraft, you can use it to:

  • Compost items such as pumpkins, wheat, grass, potato, and carrots. Basically, almost every biological item can be converted into bone meal.
  • Change the profession of a villager to a farmer.
  • Make Redstone comparators.
  • Interact with hoppers.
  • Smelt items with composter as fuel in the furnace.

This was everything to know about the making and uses of a composter in Minecraft. For more content on the sandbox game, make sure to check out these guides on how to make an armor stand, an invisibility potion, and a pickaxe.

Image Credits: Mojang

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