How to make a bed in Minecraft

Red, Blue, Green, and White beds in Minecraft

From veterans to newbies, every Minecraft player must have a bed if they want to set their own spawn point. From its ingredients to crafting recipe, here’s everything to know about making a bed in Minecraft.

One of the reasons Minecraft is popular among players is its sandbox nature which offers countless features and mechanics. You start with nothing but by mining and crafting items, you can literally build an empire with animals, crops, and whatnot.

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It is no surprise that players can also sleep in the sandbox game but they need a bed for it. Here’s how you can make a bed in Minecraft.

White bed in Minecraft

How to craft a bed in Minecraft

You need a crafting table, wool, and wood planks to craft a bed in Minecraft. These items are pretty common in the Overworld and you should not have a problem finding or crafting them.

How to make a crafting table in Minecraft

You need four Wood planks to make a crafting table in Minecraft. Collect some wood logs from the trees in the Overworld and put them in the crafting grid in the inventory. This should automatically turn each log into a plank and also slightly change its texture from dark brown to light brown.

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Now, to make a crafting table, add four wooden planks in the crafting section of the inventory again. The next step is to get sheep and wool.

How to get wool in Minecraft

Sheep are the source of wool in Minecraft and they are primarily found in biomes with grass. There are two ways to obtain wool from a sheep. You can either kill it and collect the wool or use shears which won’t kill the sheep and it will also regrow the wool in some time.

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To make shears, put two iron bars in the crafting section or the crafting table in this manner:

Crafting recipe for shears in Minecraft

Using shears ensures that you’ll have an endless supply of wool in Minecraft. You can set up a sheep farm near your house and use shears to collect wool without killing the animals.

Wool is an integral part of your Minecraft bed because it also determines the bed’s color. You can use dye on sheep and change the color of the wool they drop. There are 16 different dyes, and here’s how to make green dye in Minecraft.

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Crafting recipe for bed in Minecraft

You need three wooden planks and three blocks of wool to craft a bed in Minecraft. After collecting all the ingredients, just open the crafting table and place them in this manner:

Crafting recipe for bed in Minecraft

How to find beds from villages in Minecraft

You can find beds in Minecraft villages as they spawn in almost every house. Just enter a house and use your tools/hands to break it and pick it up. The color of the bed depends on the biome. For instance:

  • Red beds spawn inside igloos.
  • Cyan, Green, or Lime beds spawn in desert village houses.
  • White or Yellow beds spawn inside plains village houses.
  • Orange, Red, or Yellow beds spawn inside savanna village houses.
Purple bed in Minecraft

How to reset respawn point with beds in Minecraft

Go near a bed in the day and right-click on it to reset your respawn point in Minecraft. By doing so, you’ll spawn near the desired bed when you open the game next time. This is extremely helpful if you have multiple beds in the Overworld.

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You can sleep in a bed during the night or during a thunderstorm. Attempt this only in the Overworld as beds explode if you try sleeping in The Nether or The End.

It is evident that beds are a basic yet necessary feature in Minecraft that you can unlock easily. Another feature that fits this description is horses that help in efficient transportation. For any doubts regarding horses, do check out our guides on how to tame horses in Minecraft, how to get a saddle in Minecraft, and how to breed horses in Minecraft.

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Image Credits: Mojang

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