How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Honeycomb Minecraft

From removing the oxidation effect from Copper to crafting beehives, Honeycombs have several uses in Minecraft. Here’s how you can collect them and start harvesting your own bees.

Studies suggest that the stability of the human population depends on the population of bees. While bees aren’t this important in Minecraft, they still perform a fair share of tasks like pollinating and making beehives.

Players can make the most out of bees by collecting Honeycombs from their nests. There are certain things to keep in mind while acquiring Honeycombs, and this guide will list them all.

Bees in Minecraft

How to find bee nests in Minecraft

You can find Honeycombs in Minecraft through Bee nests which can be found in:

  • Plains
  • Sunflower Plains
  • Flower Forest

In these biomes, the goal is to search for Birch and Oak trees. Ideally, some of the trees in these biomes should have a bee nest that is not hard to distinguish. They basically look like a yellow box but drop Honeycombs only at honey level 5.

You can check the honey level of a Oak/Birch tree by tapping F3 (PC function for opening the debug screen) and the desired info is on the right under the Targeted Block section.

The image below depicts these biomes as well the trees:

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Oak and Birch trees Minecraft

How to increase the honey level of a bee nest in Minecraft

Minecraft players will notice that three bees live inside a bee nest, and the nest’s honey level will increase every time all three bees return after leaving to collect pollen. This goes on until honey level 5 and the appearance of the bee nest also changes accordingly.

The bees live inside the nest at night or when it’s raining and will leave one by one throughout the day, returning with pollen. Once all three have returned, the nest’s level will increase by one.

It is no surprise that bees can be hostile and to avoid such a situation, do not destroy the nest, place a campfire underneath it instead.

The ingredients for crafting a campfire are three Stripped Oak Wood, one piece of Coal, and three sticks.

The crafting pattern has been showcased in this image:

Campfire crafting pattern Minecraft

Another item required to harvest Honeycombs is Sheers. You need two Iron Ingots to craft them, and the crafting pattern is as follows:

Sheers crafting pattern Minecraft

How to harvest Honeycombs

As mentioned before, you can harvest Honeycombs only from a bee nest with honey level 5. After fulfilling this standard, just put a campfire underneath the nest and equip the sheers. Right-click (PC function for using in-hand item) over the bee nest and it should drop a Honeycomb.

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After unlocking the Silk Touch enchantment, players can also carry the bee nests with them. This can help them in setting up a bee farm.

Uses of honeycombs in Minecraft

Honeycombs can be used in several ways in Minecraft:

  • Using them over a block of copper prevents it from oxidizing any further.
  • A beehive can be crafted with six planks and three Honeycombs. It basically works like a bee nest but you can store it wherever you want. Harvesting Honeycombs from a bee hive is similar to the aforementioned procedure with bee nests.

This is everything you will ever need to know about Honeycombs in Minecraft. Just like bees, the game has a wide range of tameable animals including horses. If you want to travel around in the fastest way possible, make sure to check our guide on taming horses in Minecraft.

Image Credits: Mojang

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