How to fast travel in Minecraft Legends and build Wellhouses

A piglin base in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends has an Overworld similar to its sandbox counterpart but the game allows you to travel quickly by teleporting. Here’s how to use the fast travel feature and make Wellhouses in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends is similar to Minecraft in a ton of aspects because they’re set in the same world with a matching set of characters, mobs, resources, and other items. However, the way you travel around the world, collect items, and build structures is what sets the games apart.

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Minecraft Legends has a fast travel feature that lets you get to the most important locations on the map in an instant. Moreover, you can craft items like Wellhouses that act as personal teleporters.

Here’s how to fast travel in Minecraft Legends and build your own Wellhouses.

Minecraft Legends character on a horseMinecraft Legends has a wide range of biomes like the original game.

How to fast travel in Minecraft Legends

You can fast-travel in Minecraft Legends by selecting a friendly village or Wellhouse on the map and pressing the Fast Travel button indicated on the bottom right corner of the screen.

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Once you’ve found everything in your Overworld, the fast travel feature in Minecraft Legends definitely comes in handy. However, if you’ve yet to explore the map, we recommend avoiding this feature as you might miss out on a lot of resources that could’ve been collected on the way.

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To increase the number of fast travel points on the map, you can either free more villages from piglins or build your own teleport points in the game called Wellhouses.

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How to build a Wellhouse in Minecraft Legends

A battle between Minecraft mobs and piglinsMinecraft Legends is all about defeating the piglins from the Nether.

You need the following items to build a Wellhouse in Minecraft Legends:

  • 250 Wood
  • 250 Stone
  • 75 Iron
  • 50 Prismarine

The Wellhouse acts as a teleport point as well as a respawn point, but you must protect it from piglins during the night.

Well, this was everything to know about the fast travel feature in Minecraft Legends and how you can build Wellhouses to make the most of it. For similar content on Mojang’s action RPG, you can check out:

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Image Credits: Mojang

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