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“Mind the Gap” Leaked Video Screenshots



As promised, we decided to bring you a couple of screenshots of the “Mind the Gap” level from a recently leaked video. The video is poor to fair quality and is only 2:39 minutes long and cuts out halfway through the mission. The video was recorded on Micromania GamesTour and found on a Japanese video site.

*The above picture is from the Reveal Trailer and shouldnt be a spoiler 😉

There arent really any spoilers or plot twist in the video, however we still recommend waiting till Nov 8th. The only reason we’re showing screenshots is to keep you from watching the video!

Screenshots after the break:

“Mind the Gap” Leaked Video Screenshots & Description:

-Mission starts off as a UAV overhead giving surveillance.
-You play as Sgt. Marcus Burns (S.A.S.)
-Primary weapon is a MP5 with Front Grip and Holographic sight.
-Team Callsign is “BravoSix”.
-Another team is on another part of the map called “BravoThree”.
-Takes place in “Canary Wharf, London”
-You take orders from “Baseplate” (An American Voice).
-Objective: Multiple trucks marked “Charity Worldwide” are the target.
-Team Leader is “Wallcroft”.
-“Vulture’s” Littlebirds are covering overwatch.

*Last 4 Photos courtesy of “Nick402”