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Leaked Fortnite 21.30 cosmetics: Skins, Pickaxes, Back Bling, more

The Fortnite 21.30 update will bring new cosmetics, some of which have leaked, showing players what they can expect.



fortnite characters at the pool

Fortnite’s 21.30 update will be breathing fresh life into Chapter 3 Season 3 of the battle royale, some of the cosmetics have leaked giving fans a sneak peek.

Just like any new Fortnite update, the 21.30 patch is set to bring some exciting new content, from the No Sweat summer event to the brand-new Prime Shotgun.

As well as this, players will also be getting a plethora of cosmetics, from new skins to Harvesting Tools and emotes. For those interested, here are all the leaked Fortnite 21.30 update cosmetics.

Fortnite characters at the beach

Fortnite 21.30 leaked skins

Thanks to reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX, we now have images of all of the cosmetics being released with the 21.30 update.

The cosmetics all possess a summer theme to go along with Chapter 3 Season 3’s aesthetic and the No Sweat summer event.

There are a total of 54 cosmetics, including 8 new skins. These new skins are:

  • Slayer Charlotte – Sapphire Hagiri set
  • Unstuffed Guff – Summer Sunstrikers set
  • Riptide Raz – Summer Sunstrikers set
  • Undercover Kor – Summer Sunstrikers set
  • TBD
  • SYD – Beary Cuddly set
  • Medley – Surf Watch set
  • Belle Berry – Jam Junction set

These skins will be available in the item store and some will likely be involved in bundles with their corresponding Back Bling. These skins also have a lot of customization options, with Medley coming with four different colors and an option for glasses.

Fortnite 21.30 leaked Back Bling

The above skins also have Back Bling to go along with them, all containing the summer theme. This includes a cuddly pink bear to go along with the SYD skin.

  • The Sapphire Serpent – Sapphire Hagiri set
  • Sea Scavenger Satchel – Summer Sunstrikers set
  • Cubic Thorn – Summer Sunstrikers set
  • Chain Cape – Summer Sunstrikers set
  • Cuddlebear Cutie – Beary Cuddly set
  • Aquatic Wings – Surf Watch set
  • Bro-senberry – Jam Junction set
  • Ice-blasted Snow Crunchem
  • Oro-boris
  • Ultrabrite Elim Counter – Fortnite Champion Series set

Fortnite 21.30 leaked Pickaxes

The leaks also revealed the Pickaxes players can expect, some of which are in a set along with the Skins and Back Bling. The Photonic Striker is part of the Photonic Legacy set, and is the only Legendary Pickaxe.

  • Phonic Striker – Phonic Legacy set
  • Fortified Demonslayer Blade – Sapphire Hagiri set
  • Swift Sai – Sapphire Hagiri set
  • Maceberry Mauler – Jam Junction set
  • Weighted Spikegloves – Beary Cuddly set
  • Paddle Axe – Surf Watch set
  • Lucky Lance
  • Kor Cutters – Summer Sunstrikers set
  • Regal Sunset – Summer Sunstrikers set
  • Cube Flayer – Summer Sunstrikers set

The rest of the cosmetics include emotes, Gliders, weapon and vehicle wraps, loading screens, and more.

Keep in mind that these cosmetics are all taken from the game’s files and have not been confirmed by Epic Games themselves, so take these leaks with a pinch of salt.

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Image Credits: Epic Games