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Leaked Fortnite 15.40 skins and cosmetic items

Fortnite data miners have discovered upcoming cosmetics in the 15.40 update, including a new gladiator for the arena.



Fortnite Sica

Following the 15.40 update, Fortnite data miners have discovered a series of upcoming cosmetics, including a new champion for the arena.

Fortnite fans now have a plethora of skins and cosmetics to choose from with Epic Games continuing to update the store with exciting new items.

The 15.40 update has brought back fan-favorite LTMs Air Royale and Floor is Lava, along with the Flint-Knock pistol which we haven’t seen since 2019. Alongside new updates come new files for data miners to pour through and discover what might be coming to Fortnite next.

Leaker Lucas7yoshi has discovered several skins and other cosmetics that will likely be in the store in the coming weeks.

With the start of Chapter 2, Season 5 came the Roman gladiator Menace, but now he’s not the only warrior seeking glory in Colossal Coliseum. As discovered in the game files, new gladiator Sica will be coming to the Item Shop.

Sica comes as part of the Vanquisher set using Cerberus, the Greek Hound of the Underworld, as a glider. She also comes with a battle-axe Harvesting Tool and carries ancient Roman weapons as a back-bling.

Sica isn’t all that’s coming to the Item Shop, with there also being new variations of the popular Dark and Bright Bomber skins. It appears these skins will be included in the same bundle, as the set is called “Sun & Storm.”

Alongside these new skins are reactive weapon wraps, lightning bolt shaped pickaxes for The Flash set, and a blue outfit for the Red Jade skin.

The previously-leaked SypherPK bundle was also found in the 15.40 files, but Epic Games officially confirmed this pack with the recent reveal of the SypherPK cup.

There’s no guarantee all of these cosmetics will be coming to the Item Store as weapons and items previously discovered in the files never made it to the game.

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Image Credit: Lucas7yoshi / Epic Games