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Is Juice WRLD coming to Fortnite? Rapper’s manager & in-game teasers convince fans

All signs are pointing towards rapper Juice WRLD coming to Fortnite, so here’s everything we know about the potential collab.



Juice WRLD in Fortnite

Fortnite has brought several musicians to the battle royale as part of their ICON Series line-up, and it looks like rapper Juice WRLD is next. Here’s everything we know about the potential Juice WRLD collab.

Beginning with Marshmello in 2019, Fortnite has since brought the likes of Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, and Bruno Mars to the game. There’s no doubt that more celebrity crossovers are in the works, and it appears that late rapper Juice WRLD could be next up.

There are a ton of signs pointing towards Juice WRLD’s arrival, so here’s everything we know about a Fortnite x Juice WRLD crossover.

Fortnite Ariana Grande Concert

Juice WRLD Fortnite collab teased

There’s no official confirmation that Juice WRLD will appear in Fortnite, but speculation started swirling when Juice’s manager Peter Jideonwo said he was trying to make a collaboration happen.

In an Instagram Live in March 2022, Jideonwo said: “We definitely need Juice WRLD on Fortnite. We’ve been trying our hardest and that’s also a work-in-progress. We’ve actually got a meeting.”

Then, in another Instagram Live in June 2022, Jideonwo was asked about a Fortnite collaboration again, and this time said: “I can’t say anything because I’m gonna get in trouble with Fortnite.”

To add more fuel to the fire, Lil Bibby, another one of Juice’s managers, retweeted Fortnite’s Season 3 announcement, but the retweet has since been canceled.

There are even some in-game teasers pointing towards a Juice WRLD collaboration. The description underneath the We’re Vibin’ Now Loading Screen in the Battle Pass reads: “The party never ends.” This is the name of an upcoming Juice WRLD album.

Juice WRLD easter egg in Fortnite loading screen

Also, players can earn the “Ar-med And Dangerous” milestone in Chapter 3, Season 3, which is the title of a Juice WRLD song released in 2018.

Although Epic Games haven’t commented on a potential Juice WRLD x Fortnite crossover, Juice’s manager trying to make it happen and the in-game easter eggs certainly make it likely.

When could Juice WRLD come to Fortnite?

While Epic Games haven’t confirmed or denied a Juice WRLD collaboration, Fortnite Season 3’s easter eggs make it most likely to arrive this season.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3, is set to conclude on September 17 so there are still a few months for the devs to make it happen before Season 4. But, we don’t know how long these collaborations take to develop so we could see the potential Juice WRLD collaboration later in 2022, or even in 2023.

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Image Credit: Epic Games /  Lexiou WesCudi via Wikimedia Commons